The Force

Remember that time when you were desperate for His favor. “Please God, this is ALL I’ll ever ask, make it so, if only, I’d be so grateful, thank you, thank you, please and thank you.” Then, the answer came and it was more than you could have hoped for, you were on the mountain top; Continue reading

Happy Birthday Blake!

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby Blake! He’s two again….in my heart he is forever two. I long ago quit agonizing over the unanswered questions of Why? Does he know me? Does he miss me as much as I miss him? Even, of course, is there birthday cake in Heaven. I can easily go back Continue reading

Picture Perfect!

We all have at least one, don’t we? That friend whose house looks like Southern Living and they themselves appear to have been plucked from the pages of a fashion magazine.  Then, when you compliment them, it’s “Oh gosh, thank you-it was 50% off, marked down another 70%; then 15 more at the counter!  They Continue reading


The dictionary defines foundation as “the basis or groundwork of anything.”  Whether we are building a house, choosing our undergarments, or applying makeup- a good foundation is an essential start. I’m sure you’re expecting a spiritual reference and I’ll get to that, but first things first:  my makeup. I have worn the same foundation for Continue reading

The Stalker

I have a stalker. No, I mean it. There is this incredibly crazy and manipulative woman who is wreaking havoc in my life. She inserts herself into my world, even into my brain when I am the most vulnerable and alone—like at Publix. To start at the beginning, I’ve lost some weight- 20 pounds to Continue reading

Tell Me A Story!

Stories. I got to thinking about the power of a story recently while watching a short video of my grandson “reading” Are You My Mother out loud. Nothing, and I mean nothing holds that four-year-old boy’s attention longer than a millisecond, so to see him mesmerized in the pages of a book made me smile. Continue reading

Is Your Armor On?

Is your armor on? Oh, the danger of complacency! defines complacency as a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect or the like; a smug self-satisfaction with an existing condition. The “crisis” is over; I’m not dying today, and probably not for many years. When life is Continue reading

It’s a New Year

I haven’t heard a lot about New Year’s resolutions this season. I certainly don’t make them; partly because I’ve never kept any resolution more than 3 days. Has anyone? I was where I need to be early January 1—in God’s Word, reading my favorite devotionals, reflecting, and praying.   I do remember thinking, “that’s it, I’ll Continue reading